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The Roses

In what will become her second book publication,

Eliza Pepermans plans to showcase a unique

selection of work that she made over the past

three years. The book, under its preliminary name

Eliza Pepermans-paintings and drawings, will be

crafted in collaboration with graphic designer

Kim Beirnaert. By presenting a combination of

sketches, personal notes, drawings, and paintings,

it aims to provide an exceptional glimpse into the

artist’s creative process.


To fund this project, a limited-edition silkscreen

print, featuring Pepermans’ iconic vase motif with

roses, is released in partnership with SchЪnfeld

Gallery. The Roses consists of 20 exclusive prints,

which are hand-colored by the artist with crayon

and charcoal. It will be launched at SchЪnfeld

Projects on the 14th of December at 6 pm, and

remains on show during the Art Antwerp weekend

on the 16th and 17th of December.

Schönfeld Gallery
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