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About Schönfeld Gallery

Schönfeld Gallery was founded by art collector Elie Schönfeld in 2015. What started as a modest gallery space in Antwerp has become an established value in the Belgian and international art scene. Schönfeld Gallery consists of four spaces, each venue having its own atmosphere and objective. 


Since 2018, Schönfeld A adds colour to the Rivoli Building in Brussels. Known as an architectural landmark of the late seventies and located in the heart of the Bascule area, Rivoli consists of around 15 galleries. The vibrant urban rhythm of Brussels, the proximity of the surrounding galleries and Schönfeld’s penchant for the unconventional and the diverse has turned Schönfeld A in a versatile art space, where work from both young and old, promising and renowned, and national and international artists is exhibited. 

Schönfeld B, which is located just across from Schönfeld A offers the Rivoli visitors the chance to have a coffee or glass of fine wine. In the meantime, the art experience is not interrupted. Every month, the bar puts one artist in the spotlight. Original objects and limited editions are for sale.

What used to be Schönfeld’s initial gallery space, is currently a venue which Schönfeld’s permanent artists use as a workspace when preparing for exhibitions. Based in Antwerp, Schönfeld Projects opens connections to the Antwerp Art scene and regularly holds artists talks, performances and happenings linked to the artist in residence.

Schönfeld Gallery
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