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Current Exhibition


Albert Pepermans

at Schönfeld Bar

In the months of May and June, Albert Pepermans is taking over the Schönfeld Bar. He will be showing his Crossroads, an edition of three copies and two artist’s proofs. It is a sculpture – which in itself is unique for the almost exclusively two-dimensional artist – of a motif that has intrigued the painter for more than forty years already: the tower.


Crossroads is based on the intro Albert made in the 1980s for the much-watched VRT (Flemish Radio and Television) item Kunstzaken that was broadcast  right before the seven o’clock news and announced current exhibitions. For the intro, set to music by Walter Verdin, the artist made a painting of a tower with cars circulating upwards. A metaphor – later often used in his work – for ‘travelling, being on the road and the climax that is the final destination. A metaphor for the process of painting as well.’ The car symbolises freedom for Albert. As a child of the 1960s, he remembers the first American cars really well: ‘The beginning of a new era, of endless possibilities, and lots of fun.’


Based on this painting, Albert made an aluminium tower, adorned with jacks for cars. Thirty years later, this aluminium sculpture was scanned, moulded in clay using a 3D printer, and then fired. Each edition has its own colour: red, blue, and green. The artist modelled the cars himself using children’s clay.


Paper Whispers

group exhibition

Marta Barrenechea - Tina Berning - Terry Ekasala - Rikako Kawauchi - Jenny Watson


Past exhibitions


The I's inside

solo exhibition

Christina Zimpel

_7R31789-Edit copy.jpg



Svelte Thys



Familiar Things

Takeshi Matsugami (JP)


06.11 -17.12.2022


Jesse Willems -Jan Yoors

Kairos campagnebeelden - KAIROS-1.jpg
3_Untitled, 1973 - Black Shape on Gray_Woven Gouache 1973.tif

04.09 -22.10.2022


curator: Marie Mees

Leyla Aydoslu -Veerle Beckers - Dirk Braeckman - Helena Cnockaert

Willem Cole  - Honoré d’O - Celine Lambrechts  - Lize Maekelberg

Camille Paroissien - Basile Rabaey -Thomas Renwart -Charlotte Stuby -Jana Visser


Summertime and the living is easy

curator: Caroline Pauwels

Roxane Baines & Anne Germe - Liza François - Benedicte Lobelle

Paulette Taecke - Svelte Thys - Lidia Scynckiewicz -Janine Vandebosch


Par Haz'art

Hélène Drénou - Bert De Geyter - Manuel Geerinck

Madoka Rindal - Randoald Sabbe - Indre Svirplyté


Somewhere the Zebra is dancing

Krista Autio (Fin)

Alison Pilkington (Irl)


Anatomy of an Obsession

curated by Koen Wastijn

Zarah Coussement - Julien Daffe - Yvonne De Grazia - Vincent de Roder - Johan Deschuymer -

Sonia Kurarra - Charel Pycke - Hans Verhaegen


Dinner is Served

Eliza Pepermans

dinner is served 2.jpg


Little Fires

Christina Zimpel (USA)

Tina Berning (DE)



La Mort des Amants

curated by Thomas Renwart

Lisa Ijeoma - Werner Mannaers - Les Monseigneurs - Eliza Pepermans - Clémence van Lunen

14/03 _ 30/04  2021 

Four to the floor

Solo show Albert Pepermans

10/01 _ 27/02  2021 


Israëli artists curated by Elie Schönfeld

Alon Bonder - Liat Elbling - Shlomit Goldfinger - Rami Maymom - Daniel Oksenberg

05/12 _ 26/12  2020 

Walk the Line

6 female artists

Ellen Claes - Jeanine Jordaan - Tina Berning - Chris Meulemans - Eliza Pepermans - Janine Vandebosch

01/11 _ 30/11  2020 

Le Rouge et le Noir

Albert Pepermans

30/08 _ 24/10  2020 


Jesse Willems & Magda Amarioarei

4/07 _ 22/08  2020 

Les artistes belges

10 artists, 1 good cause

Bert Drieghe - Vincent de Roder - Jan Locus - Chris Meulemans - moine de la non existence de la pensée - Albert Pepermans - Eliza Pepermans - Lidia Szynkiewicz - Janine Vandebosch - Guido Verhaeghe

08/03 _ 27/06  2020 

So far / So close

Jan Locus

Albert Pepermans

12/01 _ 22/12  2020 

Paper Stories 

Manual Geerinck - Albert Pepermans - Eliza Pepermans -

Jesse Willems - Janine Vandebosch

10/11 _ 21/12  2019  

Eclats - Philippe Lardy

05/09_ 26/10  2019  

Bart Baele

Oogoloo Onoeogoroo

12/05_ 06/07  2019  

Tina Berning

You've Changed

17/03_ 04/05  2019  

Erwin Olaf

The collectors' selection

13/01 _ 02/03  2018  


Portraits by 6 artists

Bart Baele,Johan Clarysse, Eline De Clercq, Karel Fonteyne, Otiniel Lins, Albert Pepermans

17/11 _ 22/12  2018  

Serial Killer Part II

Belgian painter Albert Pepermans is known for his visually strong and very colorful work. Only using ink, paint and paper, he succeeds in creating a personal style that refers to the Pop Art and the Dada tradition.

Schönfeld Gallery
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