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Schönfeld Artists hosted by Artelli

29/11 > 1/12/2019

How do you introduce art lovers to the new generation of artists? A query the To Be team has devoted themselves to in recent years. To Be VZW launched its first edition of To Be Antwerp in 2016.  

What is the setup? Through a very approachable way, Antwerp’s finest Art, Design, Antique, Fashion and Cultural venues open their doors to the audience where they can discover a selection of every year’s graduates from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp. 

Participating venues each select a graduate to collaborate with. Together with the artists, these locations form an experimental Art Walk through this iconic part of Antwerp. 

Public can follow the Art Walk with a map or guided tours.


Yinion Avior

Schönfeld Artists

Tina berning

Paul Pagk

Albert Pepermans

Jesse Willems