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  • 2019


    142 pages

    Hardcover, 28.5 x 23 cm

    ISBN: 978-965-572-768-5


    Edited by Margery Greenfeld Morgan

    Texts by Prof. Hagi Kenaan, Dr. Itamar Levy, and Elinore Darzi.


    ״ Is this place, the photographed space, a dead place? 

    Is there really no movement in it? But what does the light do if not move, touching the objects, turning the sterile surfaces into radiant ones? Something is happening in these empty rooms, something is going on, a kind of quiet magic—not the wonder of open spaces, but a gradual epiphany of an inner world, a world of reflections and daydreams״.


    — Levy Itamar. The Claustrophobic Sublime (2018), As Good As Real (PP. 96-98).


    The book As Good as Real offers a comprehensive view of my photographic practice between 2008-2018



    Liat Elbling ' As good as real'

    • Through the use of different media and disciplines, Elbling wants to reflect on, explore and discuss the nature of her primary medium; photography. She is fascinated by the relation between an object and its photographical representation. Elbling continuously plays with reality and illusion, for example by adding imagery objects to existing images or by deconstructing objects in order to make new ones. This way, she also highlights the image-object relation. Architecture, its components and the notion of ‘home’ often form the foundation of her photos. Elbling regularly confronts her viewers with today’s urge to, instead of aiming to present reality as it is, bend reality towards photography and the ideal images it can create.

    Schönfeld Gallery
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