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3LP vynil box by Les Hommes Sauvages meets Pepermans

Limited edition of 500 with a code to download the tracks

Label Grand Chess

Release date 5/14/2021


Les Hommes Sauvages 'Anthology'

  • The Berlin-based band Les Hommes Sauvages consist of guitarist, songwriter and singer Kristof Hahn and singer and songwriter Viola Limpet. Hahn and Limpet coined the term "rock n' roll noir" to describe their three timeless albums, now celebrated in Anthology. All recordings were newly mastered in HD audio by Master & Servant for vinyl. The Anthology box set exquisitely pairs Les Hommes Sauvages' sounds with the visual works of the Belgian painter Albert Pepermans for a daring journey across innovations and homages to cultural icons. French chansons, German electronics, British post-punk and American rock n' roll meet the vibrant urban images of Pepermans along with the audible and visual aesthetics of the film noir genre. Anthology defies the premise that sight and sound are separate. See the music. Hear the paintings. Anthology features Les Hommes Sauvages' three LPs Playtime (2000), Trafic (2004), and Vive La Trance (2011). 180 gram vinyl. Includes a complementing 16-page booklet and four high-quality prints by Pepermans.

Schönfeld Gallery
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