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  • By artist JD Marnix


    These items are handmade using the hand-building technique. They have slightly different shapes and faces, making each one unique. 



      Belgian artist Jacky Désiré Marnix, or JD Marnix, is an ‘outsider artist’ without formal artistic training but with absolute creative freedom. This freedom is immediately evident in his diverse oeuvre: a sprawling collection of techniques and mediums. Etchings, paintings, and monotypes alternate with sculptures in ceramic and bronze, as well as mixed media installations. The common threads running through Marnix’s work are humour, self-mockery, love and nostalgia. His sources of inspiration are erotica, classical antiquity, widespread media phenomena from the 1980s, and the most beautiful source of all: Flemish provincial thinking.

    Schönfeld Gallery
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