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  • Ink on paper

    15,5 x 24,5 cm



    Eliza Pepermans ' Home 6'

    • Eliza Pepermans (°1988)

      already praised for the imaginative and bold drawing style of her illustrations for newspapers. Lately she is more and more throwing herself on her own work. Still lifes yet, even very lively still lifes. Can a simple still life be a worldview? Can it represent the human condition? She seems to be testing it out while portraying cans and jugs, a checkered tablecloth, tomatoes and a bulb of garlic, a vase with flowers. With bright colors and soft tones, mildly rude energetic and a hint of tristesse. Outlined contours give it something graphic, but the still lifes move gracefully towards painting.

    Schönfeld Gallery
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