• “Sunny Side Up” started with the fascination for the egg yolks variation of colors. Depending of the geographical and cultural background, the colors vary from vibrant gold to deep orange.

    Based on a ‘minute manufacturing process’, each egg is unique and made in 5 minutes, just about the average time to fry an egg. The “Sunny Side Up” hanging art objects bring poetry and absurdity in the domestic context. 


    • Unique, hand made, signed, hanging art object
    • 15,5 x 10 cm
    • Lightweight play dough, resin
    • Incl. suspension 
    • 2020

    Diego Faivre 'Sunny side up'

    • Shipping and handling per order

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      • Belgium: € 7
      • Europe: €16,50
      • Rest of the world: on demand

    Schönfeld B