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  • ⌀ 8,5 cm

    By Japanese artist Madoka Rindal

    Tiny dish made of stoneware. These items are handmade using the hand-building technique. They have slightly different shapes and faces, making each one unique. 

    Big Eared Bowl

    • Madoka Rindal lives and works between Paris, France and Fåvang, Norway. Born and raised in Japan, she leaves Tokyo for Paris at the age of 18, and swings between Paris and Fåvang since few years.

      Animistic ceramicist, Madoka draws moody peacock blue faces on white glazed stoneware clay. She makes daily use hand pinched tableware and homeware items.

      All items are hand built, fired and glazed in her studio. The faces on the ceramics are drawn with glaze on a paintbrush.

    Schönfeld Gallery
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