Alcohol Nuit À La Santé Coaster by artist Albert Pepermans in French

Albert Pepermans 'Alcohol Nuit À La Santé Coaster'

  • Pepermans is what he creates

    Albert Pepermans was born in 1947. He lives and works in Kortenberg but his oeuvre has never been impeded by national borders. Besides Belgium’s major cities, Pepermans exhibited in Paris, Zurich, Berlin and New York. The work of Albert Pepermans is a reflection of the man himself; energetic, intuitive and resourceful. For the majority of his creations, Pepermans uses paint, ink and paper. Yet this limitation in material does not stop this artist from playing endlessly with form, color and subject. His fascination for Pop Art and Dadaism is always present, both in his large portraits as well as in his smaller abstract drawings. Improvisation and impulsiveness shimmer through and give the viewer the impression  Pepermans ventures into a spontaneous artistic jam session during the creation of each and every artwork.

Schönfeld B