Current Exhibition

4/07 _ 22/08  2020 

Les artistes belges

10 artists, 1 good cause

Bert Drieghe

Vincent de Roder

Jan Locus

Chris Meulemans

moine de la non existence de la pensée

Albert Pepermans

Eliza Pepermans

Lidia Szynkiewicz

Janine Vandebosch

Guido Verhaeghe

 VZW Roodvonk

In the Summer Exhibition ‘Les Artistes Belges’, Schönfeld Gallery in

Brussels unfolds a range of works by ten Artists. The price of the work

never exceeds €1 500 and the gallery donates a part of its proceeds

to charity. The good cause in question is the non-profi t organization

Roodvonk, founded in 2003 by actress, singer and author Marijke

Umans. Sparkling theater and music productions for children and

young people, literary events and children’s entertainment with

the make-up caravan on all kinds of festivals: now that the corona

crisis is drawing a line through the busy schedule and also the fi rst

festival of its own, Roodvond vzw threatens to go under fi nancially.

Art doesn’t have to save the world, but every little bit helps.

‘Les Artistes Belges’ are Bert Drieghe, Vincent de Roder, Jan Locus,

Chris Meulemans, moine de la non existence de la pensée, Albert

Pepermans, Eliza Pepermans, Lidia Szynkiewicz, Janine Vandebosch

and Guido Verhaeghe. An adventurous selection that promises


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