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Ça suffit?

Albert Pepermans' 75th birthday did not go unnoticed.

For a full year he treated us to a variety of exhibitions in Schönfeld C.


To crown his work, we have incorporated several of his themes and periods into an extraordinary reference work.

'ça suffit?' is published by Mer + Borgerhoff and Lamberigts and devotes more than 400 pages to Pepermans' impressive career.


For the occasion, we present 25 numbered and signed multiples and 3 AP belonging to the first 25 copies of the book.

The dimensions of the book correspond to those of a Pepermans multiple as he usually makes them; 24x30cm.


To buy this unique piece (multiple + book), please follow the instructions below.


We would like to thank you in advance.


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Schönfeld Gallery
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